Behind the scenes

Patient satisfaction:
The science behind simple conversation

Customer satisfaction is key to any organization’s success. In healthcare, that’s never been more true.

Consumers have more healthcare options than ever before. At Sparrow, we believe what separates the best from the rest is, in part, the extent to which an organization helps Patients feel cared for, listened to –and valued.

“Patient satisfaction is a major focus for Sparrow,” says Brigette Kieft, Patient Experience Administrator at Sparrow. “We take Patient feedback seriously as feedback helps us redesign and improve care.”

Conversation is a powerful tool. Not only does it help Patients feel a greater sense of control, there’s a growing body of data that points to its connection to Patient satisfaction.

“Patients are our top priority. Always,” says Patrick Brillantes, Vice President of Consumer and Caregiver Engagement at Sparrow. “We survey Patients regularly and monitor the feedback we receive from them. Their experiences help us improve our care. It makes a huge difference in making Patients feel safe and at ease with their care and ultimately helps improve overall Patient satisfaction.”

Patient feedback is happening all the time at Sparrow, in everything from hourly rounding at the bedside to routine focus groups.

“We conduct Patient focus groups at least once a month,” says Kieft. “We talk with Patients who’ve had experiences in different clinical areas, like surgery or radiology. We ask for their input on the care they received, and also things like our parking and signage. We want to know how we’re doing so we can do better.”