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Urgent Care or Fast Care?
You have a choice

When you need immediate medical attention, there are a number of choices based on the type of care you need and when you need it.

“We all want service that’s respectful of our time,” says Patricia Crowe, M.D., Medical Director, Sparrow Urgent Care and FastCare. “People get annoyed when they have something minor, and they’re caught behind someone with more acute needs. If you want to get in and out quickly, go to the place that’s designed to get you in and out quickly.”

Sparrow offers two choices for non-life-threatening medical attention: Sparrow Urgent Care and Sparrow FastCare.

“Sparrow is the only health system in mid Michigan with the FastCare option in multiple locations,” says Dr. Crowe. “If we can take Patients who have minor issues and treat them in a dedicated facility, the experience for everyone is so much faster.”

So, what’s the right choice for minor illness or injury: “fast” or “urgent” care? Dr. Crowe breaks it down.

FastCare: everyday healthcare needs

For Patients over 18 months of age, FastCare is a great choice for what Dr. Crowe describes as the basics of healthcare needs: everyday issues such as sore throats, cough, cold symptoms, ear pain, rash, UTI, and sports/camp physicals.

Urgent Care: all that + X-rays

“Urgent Care can do everything FastCare does, but the real distinction is we have X-ray at Urgent Care,” says Dr. Crowe. So if you have a twisted ankle, it’s best to go to Urgent Care. Or, if you’ve got a cough with wheezing associated with it that may require an X-ray, you should choose Urgent Care.

Urgent Care also handles minor procedures like stitches; FastCare does not.

And, your electronic medical record goes where you go across our network. So, whether you visit Sparrow Urgent Care, FastCare, ED or Sparrow Medical Group office, your electronic medical record is accessible in real-time, any time. To view your medical record, click here to learn how to sign up for Sparrow MyChart.

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